Ponic Tab Energy

Our Mission is Simple : To Care Your Investment.

In 2011, Ponic Company has been established in Iran by aiming of integration of IT Solutions with Industry to reach the optimization of industry investments and productions at any variant services such as CMMS (Computerize Maintenance Management System), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), ERP (Enterprise resource planning), MRP (Material Requirement Planning), and any other industries demands with IT integration.

Today, we’ve grown and we gather the best Expert Engineers by the time and we associate with successful international companies all over the world to be able to present the best IT solutions for different industries demands and mainly we focus on CMMS & EAM Software and maintenance strategies consultations. We’re building a better way through our experience and knowledge to change how we maintain our world and we’re not just talking about software.



Computerized Maintenance Management System

A CMMS is computer software designed to simplify maintenance management. CMMS stands for a computerized maintenance management system (or CMMS) and is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). To better understand what a CMMS is, we will break the term down into each individual component.

Ponic and Carl Software work together hand in hand to propose the best solution on the market for all the main industries.


Hardware and services

Hardware which fit your software, software which fit your need.

The core of our expertise is Hardware and Software customisation, creation and configuration. We provid the best Hardware and services suitable for your project all over the Middle east from small to huge industry. Besides hardware solutions, we also offer sophisticated software applications that harness the potential of your current solution or drasticly propose a new solution. If you need more information and quote don't hesitat to contact us for any further information.


Our company, your solution


We are partners with Carl Software, number 1 CMMS software in Europe.


In Ponic, we believe that support is one of the main pillars of all solutions either Hardware or Software.


We bring all your needs to reality by customizing, creating and adapting solutions.


All your infrastructure in one easy step.


All softwares and hardwares need adaptation, we are here for you and your company.


The best way to report, visualize, analyze and understand your data.


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